University Room Tour

Before I started University in September I remember constantly trying to find social media hashtags or YouTube videos that would give me a student view of where I’d be living for the next year. As I didn’t have much luck, I’d thought I’d give you a little tour of my first year room.

I was thrilled when I found out I had gotten my first choice of ‘en-suite extra’ accommodation and have since spent the year living in A E Houseman Halls, Flat 4. When I arrived I was initially surprised at how spacious the rooms are how much storage was available!

This side of the room is where I keep the majority of my things. The wardrobe and drawers are full of clothes, spare bed linen, bags and shoes but the bottom bigger drawer is full of fancy dress items for Wednesday night socials.

Next we have the shelving space, on the top I like to keep my textbooks and DVDs while the bottom is home to spare stationary and a few nibbles for late night snacking.

Lastly, on this side we have my desk which is my favourite part of my room and where I do my work. The notice board was here when I moved in and I decided to fill it with photos of my friends and family back home to motivate and comfort me when the all night assessment writing gets tough. Along the bottom we have my motivational quote and grumpy cat calendars to remind me when my deadlines are and what I have going throughout the week. I like to add to my notice board all the time, putting up postcards from my grandparents, letters from home and even things like movie tickets to remind me of a great day out.

Next we have my bed! I was so happy to discover that it has under bed storage so I can keep my boxes and cases under there ready for when I have to move out. I think the bed is super comfy and larger than I imagined. The flat headboard at the back is also great and acts as a bedside table with some hidden storage drawers too.

Finally, we have my en-suite. At first I was hesitant about paying for a bathroom but I’m so glad I did! It is really convenient having your own space to shower and get ready as there’s no rush. It also provides space for you to store cleaning products, makeup and medication so your room doesn’t get cluttered!

There we have it! I hope if you’re a prospective student you enjoyed getting an little overview of what student accommodation looks like and current students enjoyed having a nose inside A E Houseman Hall.

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