Achieve Neighbor Harmony?!


I’ve been living in a student-house in the suburbs of Worcester for almost two years; learning the ways to independence is by far the best decision you’ll ever make. Once I left the nest, you grow as a person learning new things about you.

Not everyone knows, likes or even trusts neighbors, but there are ways to knock these negativity barriers down.  Keep your friends close and your neighbors even closer to achieve peace and sometimes quiet months ahead.

Howard’s Steps to Neighbour Harmony   

  • Send out Christmas Cards:
    Christmas cards have become a thoughtful way to lower barriers to other neighbours and to build friendships. Immerse yourself in the community, not detract away.
  • Consider your neighbor lifestyle:
    We don’t live in America where you’ll get a bread basket and flowers upon arrival by the Adams family. Brits are stubborn human beings, give them information that’ll help them to see your consideration.
  • Exchange contact details:
    Let’s imagine, your new outfit has been dispatched and your housemates are out; the neighbors can save you petrol for a depot trip. Or even forgetting to put green bins out (we have all been there!) simple things will build trust and honesty between houses.
  • Communicate with your neighbours:
    Touch base with your neighbors once in a while, keep them in the loop if contracts are fitting a new bathroom due to legal laws brought by the council. Any parties, BBQs or anything you plan; take on the responsibility to tell people who are potentially indirectly affected.
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