Completing university is undoubtedly my biggest life achievement so far. Now my university experience is over (for the time being) I’ve been reflecting on my three years at Worcester and I realised that university has taught me a lot.


Of course, I now know a huge amount about primary education. I have obtained the necessary qualifications to start my dream job as a primary school teacher in September. I have also learnt that teaching is definitely my passion in life and I’d be willing to come back to the university to study further to support my career in the future (something I never thought I’d say!).


Some people will drift in and out of your life but those who stick around will probably be your forever friends! You have a rare opportunity where you are surrounded by like-minded people, who you will hopefully click with. University has definitely taught me that you will never please everyone, but just be yourself and you will find great people!


I have learnt a lot of life skills, including managing my money, how to apply for jobs and carry myself in an interview. University is also a really good time to get your head around all of the different things that ‘grown ups’ have to do on a daily basis. Try and think of it as a three-year transition period, you can use this time to practise until you have to adult in the real world!


If you set your mind to it, you really can achieve anything! I wanted to improve my horse riding, so I joined the Equestrian Society in my final year. In less than 9 months I achieved the ‘Most Improved Club Player’ award at the Colours Ball sports societies’ awards ceremony. Why don’t you join a society to improve or gain a new skill? It’s never too late to improve and university is the ideal time to get into something new.

Whatever your experience and no matter what ups and downs there may be, university will definitely shape you as a person and set you up for the big wide world! What has university taught you?