Being Broke Isn’t Bad

Feeling financial pressures and dissatisfaction with your bank balance during university, will occur. Whilst spending money will benefit economic growth, does this benefit or dampen your experience in your individual outlook?

Summer is here and it’s time to evaluate your spending across the last nine months from paying library fees to burning food. A student lifestyle is a expensive way to live; averaging £11,000 per year (, there’s never been more pressure for this generation to “make ends meet”.

For me, self-evaluation is crucial in highlighting irregular or unsustainable spending habits. Three years at Worcester, good ol’ Howard has experienced both sides of the dice, the good times have become short-lived as temptations provided my current account with a roller coaster on a continual cycle.

However, every cloud has a sliver lining. With financial advice and smartphone apps, removing temptations and savings accounts has transformed my attitude towards money resulting in a fresh positive outlook.

Taylor’s blog focuses on student-scrimping with fantastic advice in looking for bargains among Worcester’s High Street.

There is one word to overcome this releasable, common hurdle:

RESOURCEFULNESS – having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. How does resourcefulness help us? Well, simple yet effective tasks can solve dangerous financial solutions..

Food Prep– food containers aren’t empty space but opportunity to create sumptuous dishes for lunch especially for those double-lecture days.

Withdraw cash, leave your card– set a weekly budget for small purchases, i.e. £20 a day will provide incentive not a distraction to save money.

NUS, Uniday offers – student discounts and clearance sales are everywhere from clothing retailers to supermarkets during the calendar year. If unsure ask, you never know that £8.12 reduction may become a life-saver.

It’s ok to say no – peer-pressure is everywhere, taking a step back to focus on the bigger picture, do you really need a “Two for Tuesday” takeaway. A focus saving on experiences not possessions can release inner-happiness from the inside out.

Employment – It’s near impossible for any student to live purely off student-finance, fact. Regardless of your social class or upbringing, employment will teach new skills, offer self-focus and motivation, not forgetting a regular salary.

Simple actions implemented consistently will bring prosperity in the future, it’s a matter of mental will and ambition to see the positive in a negative or low bank balance.

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