What is it like to do work experience before uni?

Benz and Jenny, two students from Malvern St James Girls’ school who just completed their GCSEs, did a work experience placement here, at uni. Here’s what they thought about it:


Brave enough to step into the real world?

Trying something new is scary and nerve wracking. For example, moving into a new school, ironing your white T-shirt for the first time or learning to solve a new Maths problem. But wouldn’t working in a real place, real environment and working with professional people be even scarier?

During the spring term, I applied for work experience at the University of Worcester and they warmly offered me a place, which was a surprise for me really, as I thought they’d be very busy. However, they replied to my email very quickly and gave me all the useful information and details that I needed for the first day. So I was very impressed by their friendliness and warmth. Nevertheless, before I forget to mention, I was working in the Marketing and Communication department.

On the actual day, when I first arrived to the department, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, which made me feel relax and calm. Well, let’s talk about the most exciting bit. Work. Yeah, it was the best bit because here, at University of Worcester, they provided a wide range of work that you can choose to do.

Also, the work they provide is based on your personal interest, which makes it very useful and enjoyable because you are able to go in to the area that you are interested in. Overall, having been working there for a week, I would say that it was the best experience I ever had as it was not only the knowledge that you got but also fun!


Work Experience? Why not!

At the beginning of year 11, I was told that I have to go for a work experience for a week after my GCSEs. At first I was quite annoyed, why are we still working after all the hard work? But immediately I knew that if I could find a work that I am interested in, then it should be quite fun.

Luckily, I have found a work experience in the Finance Department (what I have always been interested in) at the University of Worcester and have also tasted working in the Department of Communications.

I have tried a lot of things that I have never known about. Everyone here is so supportive and helpful that you will never have to be worried. I have been working with a different person every day and they are always here to answer your questions whenever you have one.

The best thing about this experience is that you’re not just sitting down and listening to people, you’re actually involved and you get to work on things, which was out of my expectation. I have also tried out things that I am not completely sure, like banking and accounting.

During this experience, I have built up skills that can never be learnt in a textbook like communication and organisation. The skills are transferable and are always useful no matter what you do.

This is a fantastic opportunity for me. It really helped me to understand what finance is all about and to feel what working is like. So, why don’t stop relaxing for a bit and give it a try? Experience what you are interested in and find out exactly what it is!