Hunting Graduate Employment

“You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are tough, you fight one more round” James J. Corbett 

This blog outlines the full range of employment options for graduates in the modern recruitment market; scrolling through Facebook feeds where friends are celebrating their classifications #success.

As decades roll by, the meaning “graduate employment” has changed as graduates went into narrow areas based on skills set such as medicine, banking and law.

Nowadays, a perception when falling into employment is a forgotten myth resulting with graduates diverting to meandering career journeys. Dependent on a chosen field, graduates are trees brimming with leafy employment options.

Consequently, this can mean anything, from a highly sought position to schemes built around better opportunities.

Graduate training programmes

LARGE graduate employers recruit graduates into organised training programmes. These schemes are very popular providing a secure root into work, good prospects and a relatively high salary. Prevalent in traditional professions i.e finance, business, consultancy, law and accountancy.

Offered to candidates with excellent potential, as demonstrated by grades, relevant skills and a burning commitment to succeed.

Advertised from September to February; application procedures for these positions are understandably tedious and convoluted with the most appropriate candidates are employed.

“The one recommendation I would make for graduate hunters would be to take a step back and look for opportunities across the industry. Not just the obvious companies who have recognizable brands” M. Hanrahan, Business Development Director, Nomenca ltd. 

Non-graduate jobs 

Numerous jobs are also offered every year whom don’t require those infamous two numbers, now your wondering…HOWARD, why on earth do I need to apply for these positions? However, these roles offer invaluable experience and opportunity to.

  • Pay your bills, taking pressure off your career search
  • Get used to the work environment (plus body-slamming that alarm clock)
  • Network with key contacts
  • Gain the skills and experience you need
  • Keep the parents happy

The scenic route 

Fellow munchkins, don’t panic if you can’t find that dream job. There is still a trodden career path in your horizon.

Many graduates who follow this exciting path often discover thrilling opportunities by accident or develop confidence to engage in various activities such as networking, volunteering, training, temporary employment and internships.

Graduate directories 

Surprisingly, these catalogues have survived the birth of internet, delivering up-to-date careers information and advice. Look out for our “Careers Information and Advice” from October to find these insightful directories  with direction to specific or general employment options.

Recruitment agencies 

An option we’ve all heard about, from multinationals to independent outfits across the High Street. They promote vacancies in specific sectors and contracts that last from a day to a lifetime.

Be careful, some agencies have registration fees, ensure the website is thoroughly updated and although they may promise you the earth, often they don’t deliver the expectations (like smooth peanut butter)

Follow these links or begin searching through these agencies:

Congratulations to all readers who graduated, I wish you the best of luck in the big wide world.

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