Worcester Academic Scholarship Awards

Each year the university awards £1000 scholarships to second and third year students in recognition of academic achievements, this year I was lucky enough to receive this award.

When I first found out about the award I had won I was extremely surprised, the work I had put into my studies was only for my own benefit and I never expected to be given anything in back by the university for my achievements, so I was delighted by this award!

On the night…

The awards night was help in the University Arena – there was tea, coffee and lots of cake! The Vice Chancellor presented the award to around 20 people from the health institute and the science and environment institute (there was lots of clapping!), safe to say it was hard not to feel nervous standing in from of the crowded room and collecting the award.

It was a good opportunity to talk with other people from my course who I hadn’t spoken too much before and meet other students from different years. It was the first opportunity my parents had to visit the university since I had started, so they enjoyed meeting other people from my course and the lecturers.

Overall, the awards night was really good. It really enforced how much focus the university puts on the students and recognising their achievements. The scholarship I have been awarded will really go a long way for me in funding my post-graduate study and I can imagine it will help many of the other students financially too!

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