Getting back into things!

So after an extra long summer (13 weeks exactly), it can be extremely difficult to get back into things without missing home or wishing you could be back in sunny Spain.

It is nice to have a wonderful relaxing summer but to prompt myself to reengage with my studies, I have to remind myself what I am here for…to graduate and become a primary teacher!

I am finally at the last hurdle and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel! This time next year I should be almost a month into my NQT year working in my dream job.

It is very daunting coming back and seeing how many assignment submissions there are before Christmas and I really did not know where to start; take it day by day. There is no need to worry about what is months away. One assignment at a time and then hopefully I will get there.

The biggest part of getting back into things is making sure I do all the small pieces of work as I go along (further reading). This means that when it comes to starting the big assignments, I do not have to worry about the small fiddly things.

Basically, if you struggle getting back into things, don’t panic, everyone does! Just take everything day by day and remember why you chose to study, it helps!