Celebrating Halloween at University

It has to be said that I am a Christmas girl through and through, but Halloween is something I’ve always enjoyed getting involved in – even if I am the biggest scaredy cat going!

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons as I love the colours, clothing, and of course the gingerbread and pumpkin spiced lattes, so making an effort with all the festivities during this time is a must!

As Halloween season falls during term time, I celebrate Halloween with my friends and this year has been extra special and more jam packed than ever, so I thought I’d share how I celebrated Halloween in order to give you some inspiration for next year!

Firstly, I went on a Halloween themed social with my society. Every Wednesday social is fantastic but Halloween is always one of the stand out nights for us as most people attend and everyone goes all out with their costumes with this year being no different. There were zombies, clowns and devils galore!


I decided to go as the Disney villain ‘Maleficent’ from Sleeping Beauty as I’m not a huge fan of the super scary but my other half Alex went as ‘Billy the puppet’ from the Saw movie series. I made our costumes totally DIY and also painted Alex’s face, both of which I love doing – his freaky contact lenses however, were another story!


The next part of my Halloween celebration was ‘Scarefest’ which is an event my society puts on alongside the SU. The night consisted of an ‘IT’ themed scare walk where our cast were actors aiming to frighten anyone who dared enter the Woodbury building! I did everything I could to avoid the clowns and helped with the backstage element of the walk. There was also a bake sale to raise more money and Halloween karaoke until 3am!


I also enjoyed creating some festive Halloweeny treats both for the bake sale and for fun and was very impressed with how my marshmallow wands turned out!


This year has definitely been one to remember though and I’ve made so many brilliant memories with some wonderful people – roll on next October!

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