Second Year University Bucket List

When thinking about my time at University, I want to make the absolute most of the experience. For me, first year was a learning curve and there were times that were definitely less successful than others.

I always strive to better myself both academically and personally, so as a result I thought I would comprise a ‘bucket list’ of things that I want to improve, achieve or experience this year.

1. Get a First for the year

Let’s start with an academic one, after all the reason I came to University was to get a degree. Obviously, I would be thrilled with a 2:1, but I think it’s important to push myself and have confidence in my ability and work ethic. I managed to get a 1st this year so hopefully I can continue to get these grades – I know, pray for me!

2. Attend socials

Some of my favourite memories from first year have come from the famous Wednesday night socials. I love spending time with my society and putting my DIY costume skills to the test. However, during second semester I only attended one and, although my degree has to come first, I am going to try and organise my time better so I can attend more regularly.

3. Speak up

Anyone who knows me will laugh reading this one as I’m not really known for being quiet. However, something I am bad for is not standing up for myself in social situations where I am uncomfortable or disagree. This applies both at University and home as I feel like I often sweep my own feelings under the carpet for the sake of others. I want to be able to confidently voice my opinion. I also want to speak up, and be more actively involved, in lectures and seminars.

4. Be the best MD possible

I’ve recently been elected Musical Director of the University’s musical theatre society and I really want to make all the members proud by putting on two amazing shows. This is an incredible opportunity that I have been lucky enough to gain and I am determined not to let my own lack of confidence get in the way.

5. Take up every opportunity

I want to start saying yes more and experience as much as possible before my time at University is up. I’ve already started on this one by signing on to be a peer mentor in a new scheme with the University – wish me luck!

6. Save

One of my major goals is to go back to Florida in 2019 when I graduate, so I want to start steadily saving asap. I also just want to have a bit of breathing space with money for once, as it can be tough living on a student budget.

7. Explore Worcester

I am bad for staying in my comfort zone when it comes to going out in the city. I want to venture further and try new places instead of sticking to my typical Nandos, The Crown, Tramps and Bushies. Last year I visited the Conservatory bar and it remains one of my favourite places in Worcester, so I want to find some more hidden gems like this.

So there we have it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to this and I’ll let you know how I got on at the end of the year!

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