#oneHEART with Netball at Worcester

As a first year student at Worcester, there has been a lot of things that have already made my university experience amazing. This includes joining the University Netball Club with its core values of #oneHEART.


I was brave and took a big step signing up to Netball preseason, before term started and just before moving down to Worcester, however this was a great decision as it was a great experience! It allowed me to meet new people and taste a bit of what it’s like to join a team. It was hard work, let’s say that, but you get so much out of it!

UWnetball 2

The week was long and tiring but I met so many amazing students who made my first couple of weeks at university less stressful/scary. The facilities at the university are amazing and most of the week we were in the strength and conditioning suite which really prepares you when you get into a team.

During the week we did a number of team bonding sessions which brought us all closer as a group and the 2nd and 3rd years really looked after all the new fresher’s that were slightly nervous about getting stuck into it.

UWnetball 3

We did sessions in Yoga, Cheerleading and Basketball! On the Wednesday we had a ‘friendly’ against University of Gloucestershire (which to the 2nd/ 3rd years wasn’t taken as a friendly at all), this gave me a feel for what BUCS Wednesday might be like!


Everyone loves a good social now and again! Not going to lie, my very first social was slightly scary as you hear horror stories about what happens at socials but honestly its nothing like that. The social secretaries make you feel so welcome and they introduce you to everyone so people take you under their wing, so to speak!

UWnetball 4

We were taught songs that are super catchy so it’s hard to forget them! UWNetball girls always look out for the new fresher’s when you go out and at the end of the night they make sure you are okay and they that you get home safe, which is why I love this social so much! You get to meet the whole of the club as different teams have different training sessions so it brings us all closer as a society.

Joining a team

When joining UWNetball everyone has a trial for a team, this also sounds a lot scarier than it is, don’t worry! When people tell you there is a team for everyone, trust me there is a team for everybody, no matter what your ability.

Even if you don’t fancy joining a team, community night is run by all five teams so this is also a perfect way to meet new people. The trials were very organised and once you got into playing games the feeling of pressure went out the window and everyone just had fun playing in their teams. Just don’t be afraid to throw you into something you’ve never tried before, you might love it!!

UWnetball 5

We then began training in preparation for our first BUCS matches, it was great to be able to train with Severn Stars Super League players who are part of the UWNetball 1st Team.

BUCS Wednesdays

Everyone warned me about Wednesdays at university and it was no let down, you just feel a buzz around the campus and everyone is just so excited for the day.

My first game for the 2nd  team was away at Nottingham university. Our captain and vice-captain had organised a morning breakfast before our hub session (this is where you get taped before a game and a massage from the sports therapist, if it’s needed).

We all went as a team so typically this day was a team day, as it was our first game together during the day we did get closer which felt nice as you get to know people in your team better. We met and travelled on the bus with the team and felt like we all connected and get closer.

Even though the outcome of the game was slightly disappointing it was a great first game with a lovely group of girls and we never dropped our heads, true spirit.

That’s what UWNetball is all about, we stick together and support each other all the way through, training and matches!  #oneHEART


Guest blog by Ellie Woodhall

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