Ask for Angela

Have you ever felt unable to escape from a dodgy date? Been made to feel uncomfortable on a night out or purely just found yourself trapped in the middle of a difficult situation? Then you need to know about the “Ask for Angela” campaign.

“Ask for Angela” is a national campaign developed by Hayley Childs and Lincolnshire County Council in 2016 as part of the #NoMore sexual violence and abuse prevention project. “Ask for Angela” aims to assist individuals who find themselves in uncomfortable situations whilst in bars, restaurants or clubs by removing them from the environment quickly and discreetly.

At the University of Worcester, Lucy Sandwell, the Student Community Wellbeing Service Manager, has collaborated with Worcester City Council and Night Safe to launch the “Ask for Angela” campaign in Worcester City Centre and the Student’s Union. It is hoped that the campaign will allow enable both students and the public to access help at any point they feel uncomfortable in a situation.

When Can I Use “Ask for Angela?”

You can “Ask for Angela” at any time that you feel uncomfortable whether that be being subjected to an inappropriate comment, unwanted sexual attention or feeling intimidated by an individual or group of individuals.

How Do I Use “Ask for Angela?”

If you do find yourself needing help, escape or assistance you can utilise this campaign in many ways. For example, you can go to the bar and say “Hi, may I speak to Angela please?”, “Is Angela there?” or “Can I ask for Angela please?”.

If you are unable to get to the bar you can ask any member of staff in the participating venues. When you “Ask for Angela” the staff will remove you from the situation discreetly and safely.

AskAngela 2

Where Can I Use “Ask for Angela?”

 The following venues are currently participating in this campaign:

  • Tramps Nightclub
  • Velvet Nightclub
  • Mode
  • Alexanders
  • The Crown
  • Heroes
  • The Royal Exchange
  • McDonalds (The Cross)
  • Tonic Bar

The Street Pastors and Taxi Marshalls are also aware and support this campaign.

I hope this blog has encouraged you to spread the word and help us take a stand against sexual violence.