Worcester Student Takes Over the US


I am currently sat in a cute coffee shop writing for the student blog for the first time. I am currently studying at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the US (The name of the university makes no sense as both Indiana and Pennsylvania are states but there we go).

I had the option in my Education Studies course to do a semester abroad and I knew I wanted to take up the opportunity. What better way to spend a semester than in another country. I fell in love with America years ago and this is my 9th trip to the States, YES 9th!!



After half a day of travelling and delayed flights, I had finally made it to America on January 17th. When I landed in the US, I knew things were about to get better when a trip to Walmart was planned. After that, jumping straight into bed after a long day was definitely needed! I was prepared for the jet lag to begin and it stuck around for a whole week. On top of that I developed a sinus infection and was bed bound for two straight days!


A TIP: Drink plenty of water during flights and take care of yourself! You never know what weather you will hit on the other side of the plane journey.

I have been here 5 weeks now and it’s crazy to think I am over a month in! Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve had snow on and off. It’s been freezing and I am already looking forward to Spring, although it is super pretty here!




We took a trip to Pittsburgh which was beautiful. I met plenty of international students from all around the world – some close to home like France and others the other side of the world like New Zealand and Thailand.


I’m studying an Education major and I love it – my modules here are great and I love my teachers! So many people are obsessed with my accent, although a few seem to think I’m from Australia?! I am repping plenty of the IUP (short name for the university) gear. I plan to buy plenty more before I head back to the UK.

My classes are a little harder than back home. I have a lot of reading to do every week but I am LOVING IT HERE!


I was really nervous at first to meet new people, learn to live in a different culture and adapt to driving on the WRONG side of the road (haha!). However, it has outweighed my original expectations. If you have the opportunity to take a semester abroad, DO IT! You really won’t regret it.


Spring break is in a few weeks and I am so excited! I am heading to Niagara Falls (It’s only a 4-hour drive from me), Toronto and New York. I can’t wait to share my journey so far, and I hope you will stay along for the ride with me.

Until next time!

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