Girls survival kit: dissertation writing edition

I’m currently in my third year and therefore approaching the time when I don’t have a minute to spare. Writing dissertation, trying to get organized, have a social life and get 8 hours sleep a day seems sometimes very difficult.

Feeling the same? Don’t despair, here are some tips and tricks to survive!

(Even if you’re not a girl, and not in your third year, you still might find these tips useful and not only during assessment season, so save it and thank me later. 😉 )

Dry shampoo

Yes, we all know it. The ultimate lifesaver, especially when you manage to sleep in or forget that you’re meeting your mates for a study session.

I have always tried to wash my hair and avoid using it and I think I did pretty well for the past few years, but who wouldn’t appreciate some extra time in bed or a little bit extra time to do your make up in the morning?

Make sure you stock up and have a spare one, just in case if you run out (also student budget-friendly when on offer).

Hydrogel eye patches

I´ll be honest with you, this hack I copied from many modeling stars on Instagram. I kept seeing them wearing those funny patches underneath their eyes, so one day, I picked up a pack in a shop and took it with me as I had to catch up an early flight the next day.

Being quite skeptical, I’ve unpacked these jelly eye patches and placed them underneath my two swollen tennis balls, reminding my eyes. I am telling you, it makes wonders, especially if you cant get enough sleep and end up with dark eye circles.

A bottle of water

Yes, I am talking hydration. Being dehydrated makes you even more tired, and as I’ve learned during my nutrition course, water has a great impact on our cognition.

So if you want to be more effective, try to keep a bottle of water on your table, so you’re constantly reminded and actually drink more – plus it keeps you away from that “procrastination snacking”.

Printable calendar

Keeping myself reminded of important dates and deadlines makes me feel more organized and therefore less stressed.

Yes, I do have a diary, I do have a smartphone, but a visual reminder works the best for me. So try to have a little browse on Pinterest, print the one that you prefer and start writing down your deadlines, birthdays, meetings and other important things – but remember, keep it simple.