A student map of Worcester coffeeshops

So UK Coffee Week is here, which comes quite handy as if you’re a student. You are most likely celebrating it all year round, especially during the assessment period. I am personally a huge coffee lover. I’m not an expert, but I am quite picky about my energy-boosting beverage.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, the cheapest way to get coffee into your system is to make it at home. Unless you’re a part-time barista, instant, cafetiere or Moka press are the easiest types to make – whatever floats your boat. However, if you want to enjoy your brew outside and maybe treat yourself a little, you might find some handy tips from my experience in Worcester coffee shops. I’ve visited many times along with my friend Magda and these are my all-time-favourites…


Wayland’s Yard

An industrial coffee place right next to the train station. They have the loveliest staff and a huge variety of coffee and non-coffee beverages. This place is great if you need a quick caffeine fix when getting on/off the train or want to pet some dogs {yes, they are dog friendly}. They even have a yoga studio upstairs!

My favourites: Flat white and Golden latte
Magda’s favourite: Matcha latte


Boston Tea Party

This is place is my favourite when it comes to their English breakfast. Many of my diet attempts failed when ordering at the counter, as the cakes on offer are simply irresistible. Especially during the Christmas season, you might want to steal my usual spot upstairs by the window and have a peek at the Christmas shop opposite. If you’re passing by on your way to catch the bus to uni, make sure you pop in sometime.

My favourite: Chai latte
Magda’s favourite: Macchiato


The Bake House

If you feel like trying something new from the bakery section, make sure you make your way to this little family bakery. You can find the Bake House in Lowesmoor by ASDA, and they have a great variety of bread, rolls, pastries and even cakes. Everything is freshly made, and the prices are more than budget-friendly. This is the ultimate place to go before or after the gym, if you want to load up on our carbs!


My and Magda’s favourite: Cortado (and lots of chocolate cake)

Don’t forget that many places can give you a discount for using a reusable cup in case you’re taking your brew away!

Where’s your favourite coffee shop in Worcester? Comment below!