What to look out for at an Open Day

Thinking about whether university is going to be the right choice for you? Open Days are a fantastic way to have an in-depth look around at a university and see what it’s like. It’s useful to see the campus and city away from the pictures featured in websites and prospectuses. Although everyone wants something slightly different from university, I’ve put together a handy list of things to look for on an Open Day!


1. Lots of friendly staff and students

When looking round a university or city you’ve never visited before, you can’t underestimate how nice it is to have friendly staff and students around. They’ll be on hand to offer directions, advice and helpful information, whether it’s about a specific course or how to find the nearest loo!


2. Tea and Coffee

This may seem strange to look out for at an Open Day, but this point was particularly important for my parents. They accompanied me on a number of Open Days and realised how long an Open Day can actually be! Directions on where to find tea or coffee (complimentary or not) really shows how a university thinks about and caters for their visitors. Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea!


3. Course Information and Lecturers

While at an Open Day, make sure you look at the specific course you are interested in. Every course is different at each university, so it’s worth getting detailed information about your course. You can also talk to lecturers who run and teach the degree itself, so you’ll get to pick their brains about the course. This will help you get a good idea whether you feel the course is right for you.


4. Accommodation

If you’re thinking about moving away to university, then an accommodation tour is a must! It’s important for you to have a look round at all the available accommodation. In particular, find out what the communal space is like, how much cupboard space there is in the kitchen and if you’ll be sharing a bathroom with other people.


5. Study Space

When you’re at university, you’ll inevitably need somewhere to study independently when you’re not in lectures. Keep an eye out for how much study space is available for students, as well as how many computers are on site specifically for student use. It’s also definitely worth seeing if these study spaces include areas for group work.


6. Support

University is a fantastic experience, but it’s worth finding out what support is available in case you ever need it. Whilst you’re at an Open Day, make sure you check out the support services on campus. These range from money advice, counselling, accommodation, study abroad and so much more!


I hope you’ve found my rundown of what to look for at an Open Day helpful. Have a go at making your own list of what you’re looking for in a university!


If you’d like take a look around the University of Worcester you should definitely book on to one of our upcoming Open Days.