Turning your uni room into a home

Now we’re a few weeks into Autumn term, you’re either finding your feet with university or settling back into your student life. If you’re anything like me, wanting your new room to feel comfortable will be an important part of your Uni transition. Here are my decor tips and tricks to help you turn your new student space into a cosy new home!

Choose a Colour 

Simply deciding on a colour theme will mean your room will look lovely. It’ll help you stamp your personality onto the space, whether you’re into colourful creations or prefer to keep things calm and simple. A colour theme will also make choosing decorations, bedding and trinkets easier, as you’ll know which colours will go. I chose purple when I moved into my first year halls – here’s how it turned out!


Bye to Blu tack

No one likes to keep the walls of their new home bare, but no one likes to lose their deposit either! Using Blu tack to stick family photos or posters on the wall might seem like a good idea at the time… But when you move out in June, there will be marks left behind and you’ll wish you considered some other options. Most University halls will have a notice board for you to pin things like photos. If you do want to utilise your wall space, why not use something like command hooks and strips or washi tape? These are all options that do the same job as Blu tack but leave no marks on the walls!


Fairy Lights Forever 

I am a firm believer that fairy lights make a good edition to any living space – they help give your room that cosy, homely feel. The good thing about fairy lights is they’re not only student budget friendly (£2 in Primark guys – thank me later), but they’re also a good alternative to candles (which are not usually permitted in University accommodation). If your University requires electronics to be PAT tested, you can also buy fairy lights on Amazon that are plug in rather than battery powered! I managed to get this pack of 100 for £4.


Cushions Galore 

I know not everyone is a fan of scatter cushions. However, when you move to Uni your room serves many functions. It’s somewhere to sleep, socialise, watch movies and study, to name a few! Having some extra cushions lying around can help turn your average bed into a sofa, bed desk or film corner – you name it!


Little Touches 

Sometimes it’s the little things that make you miss home. Whether it’s the quirky coasters your Mum scatters everywhere, or the inspirational quotes that have been on your wall for as long as you can remember. Adding some little trinkets or keepsakes to your new room could make it feel more like home and give you that push when deadlines are getting you down.


I hope this blog has given you some inspiration to make your room your own! If you’ve recently moved into halls or a student house, there are so many cheap and easy ways to make it feel like home. What decor do you have in your student room? Are there any more tips you’d like on decorating your room? Let me know in the comments!

Meg x