Seven Things University Taught Me

  1. Failing is not Failure

You are not the only one to fail, you are not the first person to fail, you will not be the last person to fail; failing is not failure. Was JK Rowling a failure when countless publishers rejected her? Have faith and keep trying!

  1. Never Take Essentials for Granted

Whether that’s groceries, washing up liquid or loo roll, uni teaches you to never take these simple but important things for granted. All of us have run out of these essentials at some point!

  1. It’s OK to not be OK

No one has a perfect life; there will always be bumps in the road, especially at university… However, that’s OK! There are numerous support systems in place at university, be that mental health advisers or money support. You are never alone. You also have access to Careers Service up to three years after graduation, so if you’ve hit a bump in the road while job hunting, the Uni are there to help.

  1. You don’t need to have a career goal

It is almost expected that you know how your life is going to pan out as if we all have access to this magical crystal ball… It is not always that easy. University is there to help guide and inspire your future but not everyone has a plan. Take a deep breath and remember your life is only just beginning. So say yes, try new things your crystal ball will turn up somewhere.

  1. Being independent is fun

Getting to decide if you are going to have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner… how to decorate your room… what time to get up in the morning (or afternoon) is all great stuff. You learn a lot about how to be an adult and considering how boring adult life seems, it is not all bad. You realise that you’re responsible for your life, so you get to decide how you live it. Having that freedom is pretty exciting!

  1. If you work hard you can play hard

There is nothing worse than the guilt you feel while avoiding work to have some fun. Don’t get me wrong – it is important to have a break from assignments every now and then, but having a good balance is key. Uni teaches you that the treat is so much sweeter when you’ve earned it. So instead of having fun to avoid work, use things you enjoy to motivate you and reward yourself for your hard work! 

  1. Do I need or want something

NERF Gun or lunch for tomorrow? Hulk hands or a raincoat? Disney pyjamas or running trainers? There is a fine line between need and want. I don’t think I have found this line yet, but I’m pretty close. When you’re tight for money and time, as many students are, uni teaches you to prioritise the important things in your life.

If you’re graduating this year, what are the main lessons you’ve learned at uni? If you’re still studying, what lessons are you’re still learning at uni? Let me know in the comments, and also let me know if you relate to the things I’ve learned too!