Walking Worcestershire for Students

One of the best things to do for upcoming new students is as simple as it sounds, Take a walk. Worcester and Worcestershire has some fantastic walks in the area whether these are Chapter Meadows, Powick or further afield in Malvern.

Walking in Worcestershire is useful for all students. The Chapter Meadows walks are pleasant all times of years (although you need to watch out for the cows!). There are also carefully made and informative visual images about the rich diversity of wildlife that live in Chapter Meadows. Walks along the river can also be nice especially in the area near Diglis.

There are some very interesting historical sights to see walking around Worcester city, which is sometimes known as the “Faithful City,” for its role in the English Civil War. These include the Commandery Museum, parts of which date back to the Medieval era.

Yet, it is some of the areas off the beaten track which can truly bring Worcestershire to life. In Malvern in particular, the walks can be magical given that both JRR Tolkien the author of Lord of the Rings and CS Lewis the Narnia books author had interactions with Malvern throughout their lives.

Keen travellers along the hills will spot lamp posts which, according to a plaque entitled “Literary Malvern”, gave Lewis the idea for some of the landscape in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. There are also lots of charming little buildings and towers. None of the walks are too draining meaning it is accessible for all students.

Walking throughout Worcestershire is good for students for many reasons, it is social and you might also discover something possibly useful for your subject. If you fancy a historical walk there are even some good books in the Hive such as Noake’s Guide to Worcestershire written in 1868 which can help you map a good route that the Victorians walked.

Some of Noakes’s anecdotes are especially appropriate if Halloween is on the horizon. Noakes mentions in his 1856 Notes and Queries for Worcester that Worcester had many witchcraft allegations in the area and he highlights regarding witches that “the custom at Worcester was to duck the accused in the Severn”. This makes for an extra spooky travel down the river.

The German Christmas market is  one of the highlights towards the winter period as pleasant smells from the market come in all across the city centre. So keep your eyes peeled.

Walking around the Worcestershire area is recommended for all, it doesn’t take much commitment, just go for a walk!