Avoiding Winter Woes as a Student

Avoiding Winter Woes

The Winter term is the longest term and it can certainly feel like it! Christmas is two whole months away and the term can seem to go on and on, especially with coursework due and deadlines looming.

So how to beat the winter woes? Here are some suggestions/things to keep in mind to get through the trudge that can often be the winter term.

  1. Break up the term. Ensure after each deadline you celebrate a bit. Every time you hand in an essay is an achievement so treat yourself to some chocolate or a healthier snack!
  2. Drink lots of warm fluids. This is, perhaps, a given, but it’s very important as if you’re feeling warm on the inside it can help you feel better especially in the windy and wet weather.
  3. Factor in the slowness and sluggishness that comes with winter. Cars not starting in the cold, buses and trains late if not cancelled. These are all things that winter can bring and they make it tough to keep morale up. Have a backup so that if these things happen you’re not left out in the cold so to speak. It also helps to set your alarm clock earlier than you need to be up, so as to prevent the temptation of oversleeping especially when the cold can make climbing out of bed feel like Mount Everest!
  4. Keep safe! This one might sound obvious as well but with slippery icy roads, injuries can be a hazard that can potentially wreck one’s term with, especially given that the ice isn’t always easy to spot. Whatever you’re rushing for it is not worth hurting yourself. Take it easy!
  5. The end is in sight! It might seem a long way away till the next break but with each day you’re getting closer to the Christmas break. Even counting down the days might be of use to you and you can do this on a calendar.

The big advantage of the Winter term is that the subsequent terms will not feel as long. If you can best the Winter term you can last the rest!