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My name's Alex but people call me Howard I'm a third year student at the University Of Worcester currently studying BA Business Management and Economics. I am passionate in business sustainability in creating a sustainable future not only for businesses but inspiring communities to make small but incremental changes for a greener future. I'm the VP for Badminton at the university in which we help and support members imporve their game and help team players aspire to be the greatest. Myself and the dedicated committee organise events during the academic year. This blog is more to help others about university and how to survive budgeting, studying, social life and other wisdom I can share
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Commuting: Is it worth the hassle?

My first year was undoubtedly exhausting especially travelling to Worcester from Gloucester. It is indeed only an hour journey to Foregate , but considering 6am alarms plus porridge bowls in mum’s car, this results in one tired student for the morning lecture. Not forgetting the journey back home,  commuting four times a week equals 8 hours travelling.