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How to Find a Balance at University: Postgraduate Edition.

Postgraduate studies bring a lot of opportunity. You’re able to take more control of your learning and set your own targets, while also specialising more in your subject. Postgraduate studies can also bring a lot of stress, especially given that you’re now expected to be more of an independent learner. Here are my top tips on finding a balance during your postgrad degree.

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Postgraduate Conferences: Fun not Fear.

Conferences are one of the big changes that differentiates postgrad life from that of undergrad. As your research gets more tailored and specialised, going to conferences becomes an essential and fun activity.  It is here that you get to really discuss your research and interact with peers and everyone is in the same boat.  Conferences often have several talks so you can select which ones you go to, with rest breaks in between to network and enjoy a snack!