Author: Michaela Kolarova

Hi! I am Michaela and I am a third year BA Marketing, Advertising and PR student, I am also a marketeer (ok, you got me…soon to be) having undergone a work placement as part of my degree and an International student from Czech, but some of you probably only know me under my student blogger identity. I also plead guilty to being a wanderlust, food lover/cook, explorer, photographer (just for Instagram, but that counts, right?), nature lover, story teller, social media addict and blogging enthusiast. I hope you find my experience at the University of Worcester helpful and motivating when applying for the University yourself!
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What to do if you don’t know what to study?

Deciding what to study at the University can be a very hard and crucial decision to make. If you are one of those lucky ones that already know or found themselves enjoying a particular field or subject, then you probably already know which direction to take in the future.

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5 things to include in your personal statement

Writing a personal statement can be challenging. Not only can you demonstrate why the University of your dream should choose you over your peer, but it is also an opportunity to express and explain what you have achieved, outside of your application form.

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Concluding Erasmus- what can Erasmus experience bring you?

On the 17th of June, I had my last exam and along with the last goodbyes, my Erasmus experience finished. We’ve received the final results, so now we can finally start enjoying the long-awaited summer (especially since in Leuven, Belgium, I haven’t seen proper sun in almost 5 month…similar to England, I think).