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Worcester…Challenge accepted !

Even if it is exciting, change is not always easy to cope with. That is why the first weeks at university can be terrifying, especially if you are an international student who just arrived in a new country. During my transition from Romania to the UK, I encountered 5 challenges of studying abroad.

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First semester at Worcester / Worcester Adventures

My first semester at Worcester is over and I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed by. Induction week feels so long ago and I can only laugh at how terrified I was during that time, thinking I would either not make any friends or literally die surrounded by books.

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6 emotional phases a future student goes through

This time last year, I was back home, dreaming of starting my life as a student at the University of Worcester, studying International Business Management. Having just received my exam grades and had my high school graduation, the fact that my life was going to change 180° was surreal. Feelings were all over the place and this is not an overstatement.