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Winter crafts and homemade gifts

As a small child I would excitedly run up to my parents with my latest invention and wait in anticipation as they studied it (most of the time probably trying to work out what on earth it was suppose to be). In my eyes, making things was a release of imagination and it was even better when I could give it to someone as a gift.

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My top 3 tips for Worcester Week

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the season break seemed a long time ago, and I’m sure you would love to recharge your batteries once again. Well thankfully, Worcester Week is only a few days away, here are my top tips for making the most out of those days.

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3 Tips on Writing your Personal Statement

It may seem that everyone has been going on about personal statements a lot recently, then again you may be thinking “my personal what?” whatever end of the spectrum you are on, here is a little rundown of the basics when it comes to writing your personal statement.