Author: Teona Droc GA

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5 ways to stay calm, focused and rested during assignment times

Now that the festive holiday period is over, the cold hard reality of life hits again – everyone is back to university, you have your last sessions before the assignment hand-in date and you’re stressed out because you have to also fit in time to study for exams.

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How to manage your online profile and start blogging for employability

I’m sure many of you have got Facebook pages, a Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ account as well as being active on Tumblr and Pinterest. But I’m not sure if you know that everything we do online is in the public domain, which means: everyone and anyone can search for you online.

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Graduation: the end of an era?

Graduation is the final “uni party” that you get to go to as a student; a very different party, one where your friends and family all join in to celebrate the fact that you survived the last few years of your life in which you faced a lot of studying, essays, presentations, deadlines, working, laughing, crying, homesickness, some more deadlines and studying.