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8 things to get organised before you start uni!

So, you’ve got your place at university and you now have to actually get ready to go. The time from mid august when you get your results to mid September when you have to start uni will go SO fast, so don’t put off things that need to be done for ‘another time’.

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Everyone gets homesick, you’re not alone!

When I moved to University my major concern was missing home. I’m an independent person, but I am a proper family girl and enjoy spending time at home. The first few weeks of University was very hard but a few things made it easier and hopefully they will help you when you move out!

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Journey to the Mysterious Island – Episode 1

The first thing that hits me when I get off the plane is the lovely rain, dull sky, and the oh-so-refreshing wind that nearly sweeps me off my feet. I have no idea which way I’m going, but I listen to my instinct and follow the herd. Everybody seems to rush to a little train. We travel for about five minutes, then we all get off and go to pick up our cases.