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How I decided to go to university

Applying for university is a huge step in your life. It is a step that shapes your future path. Now I look back and smile about being in ‘applying for university situation’ 3 years ago, but back then, I was anxious because I had no idea what and where I wanted to study, and what to become after finishing my degree.

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3 things not to be missed in your personal statement

The time has come to complete your UCAS applications and this will involve writing a personal statement. This may seem daunting at first as you have to big yourself up and talk about all your own achievements and successes- but don’t worry! You should be proud to share all the wonderful things you have done!

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What to do if you don’t know what to study?

Deciding what to study at the University can be a very hard and crucial decision to make. If you are one of those lucky ones that already know or found themselves enjoying a particular field or subject, then you probably already know which direction to take in the future.