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Worcester…Challenge accepted !

Even if it is exciting, change is not always easy to cope with. That is why the first weeks at university can be terrifying, especially if you are an international student who just arrived in a new country. During my transition from Romania to the UK, I encountered 5 challenges of studying abroad.

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My everyday life as an English Literature student

Books. Books. Books. If that’s what you think it’s like being a English Literature student, then you are exactly right.

We do read a lot of books, and this is the key to the course here at Worcester and at any other university. And this is what I find so fantastic about being a student of this subject.

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3 books you should read if you’re doing a teaching course!

Reading is a truly essential part of studying, particularly for me studying an Education subject – I was always reading up on different theories and concepts. Whether you’re on the 3 years teacher training course, doing a PGCE, or completing a course like Education Studies or Early Years Childhood and want to go into primary teaching then these books are for you.