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10 things you should ask about at an Open Day

Hello, my name is Jonah and I’m a year 12 student (going into 13) at the Chase Sixth Form College in Malvern. During Sixth Form I will be going through the application process in order to apply to university for entry in September 2015. But there is a problem: I have to decide which universities I want to go to.

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Everyone gets homesick, you’re not alone!

When I moved to University my major concern was missing home. I’m an independent person, but I am a proper family girl and enjoy spending time at home. The first few weeks of University was very hard but a few things made it easier and hopefully they will help you when you move out!

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Halls of residence. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Moving into Wulfstan (my halls of residence) was an exciting moment, start of my university adventure. It was the first time I’d lived away from home; I couldn’t wait to enjoy my new independence. Although it was a rather nervous moment, walking into a flat with 5 strangers you would spend the next year with, thinking back there are a lot of good memories there.