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Make the most of student life

Make the most of student life

Even if I’m not a “typical” student like everyone else, I can still give some good advice on what to do and not to do as a student.

I moved to live in the UK with my family, so like most students I reside far from home, but I don’t have to deal with all the financial issues, bills, etc. which has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, just like every person that goes to study at university, I had to settle in, socialise and get comfortable in the new environment.

The atmosphere, all the lecturers and staff at the University of Worcester were more than welcoming but coming from overseas to a country where everything is new and having to speak different language, you feel like a baby taking his first steps… at least I felt like one. To be honest, even with the support of my family, it was still tough to start my life all over again.

Meet Andy Screen! – Illustrator, Designer, Lecturer

I first the lecturer that was met Andy Screen on the Friday of my first week at university. By that time, I thought I had got it all figured out and I was assured that it wasn’t as hard as expected. The nerves had faded out and I was eager to find out what “Communication Skills for Digital Media” really meant.