Author: Sophie Lloyd

Hi, I'm Sophie. I'm a Second Year Human Biology student at University of Worcester. I'm started writing this blog to try and give others hints and tips for university, but I also read a lot of the articles on here too so I can gain some hints and tips. Although my course focuses specifically on humans I am passionate about all animals- I love them! Hopefully in my coming articles I provide some useful information on what it is like to study Biology at University of Worcester and share with others that it's not as scary as you think!
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A day in the life of a Human Biology Student

Telling people I study Human Biology is usually accompanied with a scrunched up nose and a comment of ‘wow that’s brave’ or ‘have you cut up a heart yet’. Little do they know it’s a bit more interesting than people may think. Here’s a day in my life so you can see for yourself!

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Getting ready for Pancake Day when you don’t like pancakes…

It’s come to that time of year again where all the flat mates get together to make pancakes. But what if you’re one of those strange anomalies who doesn’t like pancakes? I have a solution for you! Quick and simple cinnamon swirls recipe!