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4 spring cleaning tips for students

As a student, spring cleaning can be the last thought on your mind when juggling several other commitments, alongside the horrors of student budgeting. However, do not despair… As a fellow student who actually doesn’t mind a good spring clean from time to time, I can tell you now that there are many benefits in the long run. Here are my 4 top tips for spring cleaning on a student budget.

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An essential guide to campus accommodation

So you’ve applied to uni, received your offer, accepted your place, but what next? It’s time to start thinking about student accommodation for your first year of uni! I can imagine many of you are wondering, questioning, panicking and even slightly hesitant to wonder what living in halls is like. I was too! To ease your concerns, here’s my essential guide to campus accommodation so you’re ready for your first year of uni.

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A guide to finding student housing

There are some parts of a university experience that are pretty much inevitable. One of those things is having to find and rent a house for second and third year. After spending a first year in halls of residence, meeting new people and forming friendships, there soon comes a time to start house hunting. Here are my  tips on finding student housing to make the process feel less daunting.