How To settle at your new Uni accomodation

First and foremost, congratulations! You are coming to the University of Worcester to study your degree and we could not be happier!

Leaving home and coming to university is undoubtedly one of the biggest life events for anybody, and the process can often lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. We want to give you some of our top tips and how to settle once you get here!

When you first arrive at your halls, or alternative university accommodation, there is a strong chance you have yet to meet your new housemates. Some of you may have found each other on the “Flat Finder Facebook Groups”, but for many this will be the first interaction you have. A great piece of advice would be to get chatting straight away, everyone go into the kitchen or communal seating area and get to know each other. Ice breakers can be an awkward process, but this could be the start of a great friendship amongst your accommodation. Things like group shopping trips, film nights, going out for a meal or even a walk into town together can all be great ways to bond. 

Once you are all acquainted, check out your new neighbours. If you are living on campus, your accommodation will be made up of numerous flats containing students in the same situation as you. If you are in alternative accommodation, you may have university neighbours in flats or houses in your area. Everybody will be slightly anxious and nervous, but this is normal! Reach out a hand and make some new friends. At the end of our three years, these people may well become some of the most important people in your life!

Go out and explore! Our campuses are all equipped with varying  provisions for our students, the best way to discover them is to go out and see what they can offer. The University of Worcester boasts amazing sports facilities, learning resources and great places to have a coffee or a cocktail! Our arena is also home to the Worcester Wolves, a professional BBL team, and our Hive library is a great place to study as well as an architectural dream!

As well as all that we have to offer, the city of Worcester is growing by the day, with great shopping in town, restaurants and leisure activities all around. Experiencing these for yourself would be a great way to learn about the city you will call home. 

There will also be plenty of “Fresher’s Events” when you first arrive. These serve as an amazing way to meet people, and another great way to learn about the city. The University “Freshers” and “Society” Fairs are one of the highlights of your first few weeks of University. There are always plenty of goodies and offers available at the Freshers Fair and the Society Fair is often the first chance you will have to see just how many organisations you can join whilst you are here. There are societies for nearly all major sports, as well as plenty for other leisure activities. The best part of all is, if you have a great idea for a sports club or society that is not already established, why not make one! Our Students Union are fully committed to helping students create their own groups.

On a personal level, you cannot truly be settled if you are not in the right frame of mind. This is why self-care is so important during times of stress, and coming to university cannot be underestimated as a potential trigger for anxiety. Small things such as making sure you have all of your essential items, some comfort snacks and a few video calls home can help to make you feel more at ease. Your new housemates may well be feeling similar, so everyone coming together and helping each other is so important in these early stages. The University also have fantastic sources for if you ever need additional support. 

University goes so fast, and it is so important to enjoy your time whilst you are here. Your first few weeks will be a brand new experience, but you shouldn’t be afraid. Be Excited!

Joe 🙂