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5 of the best skills workshops for students

Students already have heavy workloads and busy schedules, so why would they want to go to optional workshops? The answer is that some of skills you gain from uni workshops are not just useful but essential, especially for third years and postgraduates. Here’s my list 5 of the best skills workshops for students

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A guide to mental health support on campus

Today marks University Mental Health Day, a chance to raise awareness of mental health in our campus community. Student life can be stressful, with deadlines, exams and adjusting to a new lifestyle at uni. To see what support services are available here at Worcester Uni, here’s my guide to mental health support on campus.

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Georgie’s mental health story

Today is Time to Talk Day – part of the Time to Change movement. It’s a day designed to change the way people think and act about mental health, simply by getting people talking. I recently signed up as a Time to Change Champion via the Time to Change website. By doing so, I have promised to use my own experience to engage people in conversations about mental health at any appropriate opportunity. So here I am…