Welcome to the Students Union

Students Union president Meg Price has all the information on the Students Union and the work they do:

Hi everyone!

Whilst at University you’ll have lots of opportunities to get involved with activities outside of your degree. As your Students’ Union, we’re here to help you develop and achieve and, most importantly, enjoy student life. Here are just some of the things you can get involved with during your time at Worcester.

Elections & Networks

We’re here to represent you. Your Full Time Officers – Tish (Vice President Student Activities), Harry (Vice President Education) and I (President) – were voted in by the student body to help make your experience the best it possibly can be. Elections happen in March, so keep an eye out for these in the future. You can also find out more about the officer roles on our website.

This year we are also launching new representative networks. These will ensure that all students can have a voice and get involved with the activities and campaigns run by your Students’ Union. They include:

  • Commuter Students’ Network
  • LGBTQ+ Students’ Network
  • Postgraduate Students’ Network
  • Sustainability Network
  • Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students’ Network
  • Mature Students’ Network
  • International Students’ Network
  • Disabled Students’ Network
  • Women’s Network

This is a great way for you to get involved and have your say on issues that matter to you, as well as meeting like-minded people. You can take a lead creating campaigns and events or even just join the group to express your views and ideas.

The Hangar

Located in the Students’ Union building, we’ve always got loads going on!

Whether it’s annual fundraising events like Take Me Out or Karaoke on a Friday, there is something for everyone. The Hangar is open 12pm -12am Monday to Friday, and is a great place to chill out and play a game of darts or pool in between lectures.

Check out The Hangar on social media to find out more about what’s going on this year as well as all the great deals at the bar.

Help and Advice

University is not always an easy ride and so when things might not be going so well for you, the SU has its own independent advice service to help. Our Academic and Welfare Advisor, Kate can give you advice on a wide range of things including:

  • Academic: mitigating circumstances, appeals and complaints
  • Housing: contracts, dealing with landlords and your rights
  • Student finance issues and how to make the most of the financial support available from the University
  • General wellbeing and signposting – if we can’t directly help you, we can point you in the direction of people who can

You can find out more information through our Help and Advice pages on our website, and if you need support you can book an appointment here.

Societies and Sports Clubs

We have over 40 societies, ranging from interest based groups such as British Sign Language, to academic based ones such as the Nursing Society. We also have over 40 sports clubs – anything from American Football to Ultimate Frisbee. You don’t have to be super sporty or talented to join clubs and societies, just willing to get involved!  In fact, our ‘Social Sports’ Society is one of our fastest growing student groups and are so welcoming to anyone and everyone who wants to have a go at different sports in a relaxed way .

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? You can also start a new club or society with the help of the SU. Find out more, as well as view our current a-z of clubs and societies here.

Course Reps

Every course at the University should have at least one Course Rep. Their role is to help represent  you and your fellow students’ views and to influence the development of your academic experience. Could you be a Course Rep yourself? It’s a very rewarding experience. You can find out what being a Course Rep entails here and find out who your rep is through your SOLE page.

Fundraising (RAG) and volunteering

Anyone can get involved with fundraising. The RAG (Raise and Give) Committee are a group of students who help and support students with their fundraising efforts and bring awareness to a wide range of charities. Go and check out their social media for more ideas and activities on fundraising. Last year we raised just over £22,000, and we want to raise even more this year, so get involved!

You can also get involved with our new volunteering programme, #TeamWorcAction. Volunteering is a brilliant way of giving something back, to the SU, the University or the local community and to develop your employability skills an chances.  There are lots of different opportunities so make sure you check it out


The SU couldn’t operate without its team of amazing student staff who help run all our many services (from our bar and welcome desk to our Graphic Design function).  They also ensure we keep improving and evolving to best meet the needs of our students.  We tend to recruit our student staff team each Spring for the following year but, also, have occasional vacancies throughout the year.  Our student staff tell us year on year how much they enjoy working with us and how much they have developed as a result. Come and work for us

We have also developed some guidance for writing application forms and attending interviews, which can both be daunting scenarios, to help you with any job or opportunity you may be applying for.


Worcester is a really special University, which prides itself on its sense of community.  As a student at the University you’re part of the #TeamWorc family. The SU will always be here for you throughout your time as a student so please get involved in any way you can and contact us if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to you in September!   You’ve made the right choice!

Meg 🙂