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Georgie’s mental health story

Today is Time to Talk Day – part of the Time to Change movement. It’s a day designed to change the way people think and act about mental health, simply by getting people talking. I recently signed up as a Time to Change Champion via the Time to Change website. By doing so, I have promised to use my own experience to engage people in conversations about mental health at any appropriate opportunity. So here I am…

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Being a Student Parent – You can do it!

All parents will know that sometimes it’s difficult enough being just that – a parent – without adding ‘student’ in there too! I asked my colleague Georgie Sherrard for her experience of being a student parent and here’s what she had to share with you all.

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Life as a mature student: older is better

Since graduating from uni as a mature student, I often reflect on my decision to return to education.  I was worried that I wouldn’t gain as much from the experience as I would have if I had gone at the ‘right time’.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!