Top tips for every fresher moving into Halls this september

First off, I hope you are all doing well and to the prospective students looking to join us here at the University of Worcester, I hope you are excited to start a new part of your story!

What are the things every fresher needs to know? There are a few truths that are pretty much universal. Here’s your checklist:

1. PLAN well. 

Now this is an obvious thing right? Plan well. Well, funnily enough, we all think we’ve got it all together when moving into student accommodation. However, there were a few things I wish I knew when I moved. Things like “what will car parking be like on the day?” and “where on earth is my accommodation located?” I am here to help!

Make sure you find out which campus your accommodation is located on on the University’s website and, when you arrive on the day to check in, you will be given a campus map for further information. The campus tours will be on hand too!

It is super important that you plan to come at your allotted time for check in!! SO important! If I were you, I would arrive with plenty of time to spare as the car parks often get really busy and you don’t want to miss your spot! If you have any troubles whilst on campus, look for someone with an “I am here to help” or “ask me” t-shirt on, they can definitely help and guide you!

2. Bring only what you NEED. 

Now I think it is fair to say, all students get really exited for the “fresher life” part of Uni. We all get excited about the lectures (do we?) , the nights out and meeting new friends!

However, to help you feel comfortable, decorating your room and feeling comfortable in your uni accommodation is a MUST. You might want to bring fairy lights or postcards to put around your room or maybe you just want some pretty cushions and bed sheets?

The thing is, I found that I brought way too many things and eventually had no space to keep it all. So definitely think ahead before you pack. Kitchen items like a toaster and kettle will already be in your shared kitchen, so don’t worry about bringing them.. unless you REALLY want your flashy rose gold toaster to sparkle in the kitchen, then go ahead! (haha!). Other things like a hoover and a mop, are all located in your flat you don’t need to bring them!

Things you will definitely need:



Bin bags

Tin foil / cling film


Cleaning products! (Those bathrooms get gross if they are left untouched for a while!!)

Bed sheets, a quilt, mattress topper (for that extra comfort right?!), towels.

Desk items like pens, paper, files etc.

I would say those are the main things you need. Everything else you can get along the way when you move in and once you have figured out your layout of your flat!

3. Make sure you are happy with your inventory

When you move in, you will be given sheets of paper called “an inventory” which basically lists everything that is in the room already. You have to sign and agree to this inventory when you are happy with what it lists. If you see any damage in your room when you move in, from window leaks to chips on the desk.  Make sure you write it down! If you get to the end of your time at halls, have a room check and you did not mention any of those things, you could lose your deposit! (Ain’t no student got time for that right?!)

I would definitely take pictures of everything in your room too – better safe than sorry!

4. Assess your student budget! 

Now, student budgets are a hefty subject to talk about! It won’t go without saying that we all struggle at some point in uni with managing our money correctly!

I would definitely consider budgeting! It will do you a favour in the future I promise you!

Work out costs for groceries that you wish to buy each week. If you can, learn to cook a few simple dishes before you move in that use cheaper ingredients like tinned tomatoes, eggs and frozen veggies. All the little things, like herbs and spices, are worth noting down so that you can work out what you will have left each week.

Work out a rota between your housemates for any purchases that you need to make for your flat (no one wants to buy all the bin bags). You can also make a rota for who takes out the bins or cleans the shower, if you share one.


Enjoy your time at uni accommodation! Worcester uni is a great place to experience that uni life! Make the most of it and take each thing as it comes! There are always people to help you so remember to seek support if you get overwhelmed.

See you soon,

Lauren xxx