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Work Hard, Play Harder: Making the Most out of Third Year

Your third year at university is crucial to your degree. With your dissertation to write plus all the usual modules (plus preparing yourself to leave uni!), everything can get quite hectic. However, it’s still important to enjoy yourself and make the most out of the opportunities given to you at university.

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Why University Life…

Nothing compares to the heartache and anxious waiting for that “brown envelope” at college or sixth form. University is the most popular choice in defining your career and discovering those jigsaw pieces to YOUR future.

Reflecting on three years at Worcester, it’s the best decision of my life so far.

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Commuting: Is it worth the hassle?

My first year was undoubtedly exhausting especially travelling to Worcester from Gloucester. It is indeed only an hour journey to Foregate , but considering 6am alarms plus porridge bowls in mum’s car, this results in one tired student for the morning lecture. Not forgetting the journey back home,  commuting four times a week equals 8 hours travelling.