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You know you’re a drama student if…

After the good reception I received from my ‘10 People You Will Meet On A Drama Course’ post, I have decided to write a ‘You know you’re a drama student if…’ post uniting all Drama students and those of you who are thinking of studying drama, but are not sure whether you’ll fit in or not…

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6 emotional phases a future student goes through

This time last year, I was back home, dreaming of starting my life as a student at the University of Worcester, studying International Business Management. Having just received my exam grades and had my high school graduation, the fact that my life was going to change 180° was surreal. Feelings were all over the place and this is not an overstatement.

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Why you should stop panicking about what you’ll do after university.

Being in my third and final year of University was always a time I have been dreading the most… not so much because of the 8000 word dissertation, which I will admit does sound intimidating, but the prospect of ‘what next?’.