My Experience in India

By Linda Sundvik

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SLV. Global try to improve global mental health by providing volunteers the chance to gain Psychology work experience in communities that need extra support. These include India, Bali and Sri Lanka. Volunteers on one of their placements have the opportunity to learn from local professionals and increase their knowledge and skill sets whilst being immersed in other cultures.

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I met some SLV ambassadors at a conference at the University of Worcester, who told me about an amazing chance to gain work experience in Psychology in India. I instantly knew I had to join. During my two weeks in India I learned about ancient practices such as yoga and meditation, and how those practices can be implemented in today’s treatment of mental health. Additionally I learned about the mental health system in India and how this differs from Western practices.

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In the second week we travelled and saw some of the incredible experiences, nature, people and culture India has to offer.

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Working part time at the University enabled me to self-fund this incredible experience. I am so grateful that the University showed me this amazing opportunity, which was both a great contribution to my CV and a life-changing journey.

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