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Semester abroad: everything you need to know

Studying abroad is always an¬†exciting opportunity that many want to take up during their time at university.¬† Whether you want to experience different cultures, learn new life lessons or build up your CV, studying abroad is a great chance to do this. Taking a semester abroad is a great way to get a taste of study abroad for a few months. Here’s everything you need to know about a semester abroad.

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Study Abroad: Everything you need to know

Whether it is one year, a semester, jetting off for some voluntary experience or attending a summer school, studying abroad is TOTALLY WORTH IT! I am writing this from my own perspective after my recent experience of studying abroad with the University of Worcester. I began with the process of applying for a semester abroad, then the interview and finally I studied in another country. Keep reading to hear about my experiences and top tips on studying abroad.

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When in Cheltenham

If you have free time this weekend and want to explore a nearby city, I believe Cheltenham is the right choice for you. Cheltenham is a lovely spa town, situated about 30 minutes away from Worcester, which boasts magnificent architecture and lots of exciting things to do with your free time (exploring, sightseeing, shopping).

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A new chapter: down under


I’m Jenny, a second year Education Studies student and new student blogger. I’m currently writing my very first blog post from the other side of the world! I was given a great opportunity to come and study abroad at Federation University in Australia. I cannot thank University of Worcester enough for this trip of a lifetime.