What can you do in the City?

Biomedical Science student, Lotta, tells us some of the best things to get up to in the city of Worcester:

Hi Folks,

Here’s a few ideas for you to try in Worcester City Centre. Perfect ideas for if your parents come and visit or if you’re trying to take a break from study:

Walk alongside the River

There’s nothing like a walk alongside the river when you want to get away from your essay or warm up before going to the gym. It’s also a perfect opportunity to see more of Worcester, get some nice pictures of the Cathedral or just get your steps up! You will most likely get a glimpse of hundreds of swans and see cute little houses with nice backyards on the other side of the river. Further up the banks there’s even thick woodland and lovely fields.

Go explore some cute Cafés

Worcester is filled with great cafés that have very good coffee and cake selections, not to mention some amazing locations that are easily accessible by foot! Here are few of my recommendations:

  • Francini Café De Colombiana

    This Café definitely serves the best Colombian roast in the city! Francini Café de Colombiana is cosy, warm spot to have a cup of good coffee with bunch of friends. You’ll get an authentic experience into the world of coffee inside brightly coloured walls, with Colombian music and some of the best service in town.
  • The Steamhouse

    If you’re craving some salty bagels, sweet doughnuts and coffee, the Steamhouse is just the right place for you! Their selection is amazing and their doughnuts are incredible. If you want to stay up to date on the selection they have, their Instagram story shares the doughnuts and bagels of the day (more on this later).
  • Café Viaduct

    Having a stroll alongside the river Severn? Café Viaduct is a cosy café located between the Hive and the river, serving the perfect hot chocolate for a chilly day. You can enjoy your order inside, on a terrace or grab your coffee to-go! There are loads of benches nearby where you can sit down and just inhale the moment.
  • House of Coffee

    Located in the Cathedral Square, this cute café offers amazing coffee blends from all around the world. Their iced coffees are particularly delicious and you can sit outside and watch the comings and goings in Cathedral Square.
  • Coffee Dough

    Want to enjoy a cup of coffee and cakes in a perfect petite glass café? In the middle of the Crowngate Shopping Centre this little delight is a chance to escape with your purchases and enjoy a flat white.

Get Yourself Some Doughnuts!

Loads of lectures, kind of tired and craving something sweet? What could fix that? I know a few places…

  • The Steamhouse

    I promised I’d get back to this: I cannot give enough credit for this café’s amazing doughnut selection. Strawberry and white chocolate, Billionaire’s Doughnut, Nutella, Lemon Meringue, Triple Chocolate, Lotus Biscoff, Strawberry Cheesecake… They have everything!
  • Guilt Trip Coffee and Doughnuts

    Perfect place to grab some blueberry cheesecake doughnuts for a snack while strolling alongside river Severn! These guys also let you pre order doughnuts. You can even take a selection back for your flatmates!

Take a walk in Gheluvelt Park

Get your Airpods in and head to the Gheluvelt Park for some activities or just to enjoy your day in the sun! They have tennis court, cute gazebo in the middle of a pond (very Instagram-worthy material, just saying!), ducks and swans, playgrounds, free outdoor gym equipment and loads of grass to have a nice picnic on. There’s plenty of good jogging routes and, most importantly, loads of cute dogs. This is probably one of the lesser known parks in the City and it’s a lot bigger than it looks. Definitely worth a go!

Enjoy your time in the city. If you’ve got any suggestions for things to do let us know!

Lotta xxxx