A Nursing Adventure

3rd Year Nursing Student , Jenizze, talks about the great day she spent at the Lakeside Campus with her Nursing cohort.

From the beginning, I envisioned that the Nursing BSc (Hons) course might be stressful and, at times, challenging. Though I can say for certain that I did experience these feelings, especially during the pandemic, I was surprised of the fun things and joyous moments that the Nursing course offers.

Since teamwork, mental health and well-being is prioritised within Nursing, the course Academics used many tactics to make the course more fun and engaging for students.

Recently, one of my favourite activities was a day in the University Lakeside campus, where we were able to do a variety of team building exercises and activities. Lakeside Campus is a 10-minute drive from St John’s Campus. The site has a water sports lake, woodlands and an outdoor education activity centre. We were given the selection of things to try. One of the activities was to build a raft out of barrels and wooden planks. We were only allowed to use pieces of rope to hold everything together. It was quite a challenge but, we managed to make our raft float; however, some of us went overboard and it was a really funny sight. Everyone had a blast.

Later in the day, I chose to go kayaking as making my own raft made me realise I was ready to go in a boat someone else has made. I can definitely say that I am not the best driver or navigator in water, which, was evident by the frequent crashes. There were other options for people to try such as archery, paddle boarding, tug of war, making a campfire and many more. It was a nice break from the placements we’d just completed and great to see everyone. The activities not only provided a boost to our mental wellbeing but have also helped us learn the importance of teamwork and the impact it can create on us as individuals.

We ended the day with a nice campfire and some bubbles handed out by the Lecturers. It was really lovely and one of the memories of my course that I will think about for a long time.