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5 ways to cope with dissertation stress

So, it’s finally that time. Your final year of university. You’re on the home stretch and the end is in sight. Only, you have your dissertation to think about first. Loads of research, thousands of words and many late nights in Pierson or the Hive are on the horizon. But it doesn’t have to be a negative, stressful experience. Here are a few tips on how to cope with dissertation stress and the workload as the deadline approaches!

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How to study effectively over Easter

The countdown is over – the Easter break is here! Over Easter, sweets and sugar may seem a lot more tempting than studying. But due to the influx of dissertation and essay deadlines around this time, the Easter period is all the more important to study over. Here are my 9 tips on how to study effectively over Easter.

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3 ways to get your dissertation finished on time

For many, your final year can become the most stressful time of your university experience. For others, it can be the most rewarding and the most enjoyable year. The positives of third year is knowing you are very closet to completing your degree and your nearing the end of a long tough three years! Here are my 3 top tips on getting your dissertation done and dusted.

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Organising Student Conferences

Phew! Organising conferences keeps you busy and even watching my co-workers hard at work can make me feel tired. I was sold on the idea of organising conferences the moment free refreshments were mentioned, but in reality there are many factors involved in making your conference a success. Here are my top tips on organising a successful student conference.

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Postgraduate Conferences: Fun not Fear.

Conferences are one of the big changes that differentiates postgrad life from that of undergrad. As your research gets more tailored and specialised, going to conferences becomes an essential and fun activity.  It is here that you get to really discuss your research and interact with peers and everyone is in the same boat.  Conferences often have several talks so you can select which ones you go to, with rest breaks in between to network and enjoy a snack!

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Girls survival kit: dissertation writing edition

I’m currently in my third year and therefore approaching the time when I don’t have a minute to spare. Writing dissertation, trying to get organized, have a social life and get 8 hours sleep a day seems sometimes very difficult.

Feeling the same? Don’t despair, here are some tips and tricks to survive!

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How to make this semester your best one yet!

I like to look at every semester like a blank canvas; a chance to really get your act together and become a better version of yourself.

Maybe you didn’t quite get the grades you wanted last semester, or you’ve set a standard for yourself that you want to maintain. Whatever the reason, the new semester is your chance to make a new habit stick, be productive and really excel.