Where to Sit and Study in Worcester

Hello Reader,

University life comes with a lot of down time. When you’re not in lectures and trying to study, write up notes, and polish your assignments, it’s vital to find a perfect space to get in the zone. At Worcester, we have a variety of on-campus locations to study, alongside a phenomenal number of city-based spaces. From 24-hour University dedicated study spaces to quirky independent coffee shops you will never find yourself stuck in your room to study. With all these options you can find a place to work no matter the vibe you seek.

The Peirson Building

If you’re in first year and don’t fancy straying too far from the University Campuses, there are plenty of study space options for you. If you’re up in St Johns, the go-to space would be the Peirson Building. Located within the same building as FirstPoint, the Peirson Building is open 24-hours of the day and has plenty of computers for you to access. Pierson is the perfect communal space to spend your time in, no matter the time of day.

Find a room to study in

An exciting addition to the MyDay page this year was the Find a room to study tab. You can simply click on the icon on your MyDay homepage and find any available rooms across all the University campuses. You can refine your search between City and St John’s campus depending on where you are. This is a fantastic tool to maximise use of the University’s space and to make sure you can find a room no matter when, or where, you need one.

The Hive

The Hive is a huge asset to the University with a quarter of a million books and 800 study spaces. When you’re on City campus this is a bright and friendly place to study. The librarians are there to help you find any texts you need, alongside the Library Services tab on your MyDay page. They also offer the Nooks that are perfect for privacy when you work on your individual or group work. Plus, you get student discount at the café where they offer an amazing sausage roll and cup of tea.

Independent Coffee Shops  

We have a wonderful culture of independent businesses throughout Worcester and the coffee shops are a real highlight. If you want a nice cup of coffee, a delicious cake, or a light bite while you study, then these places can give you the cosy vibes and nice chatter to keep you in the zone. Although you’ll have to spend a little on a drink or two, there is the option of investing in a Woo Card which allows you to access discounts on the independent businesses across Worcester. However, the price for a cup-of-coffee is well worth the warmth and community in the small spaces across the city. My top three cafés would be:

  • Steam – Located along Friar Street.

So, no matter what type of space you’re looking for, there are plenty of places to sit and study around Worcester. No need to stay in your room, go and explore the city.

Amber 🙂