A Day in a Life of a UoW Student

Hi guys, my name is Lotta, and I am a second-year Biomedical Science student at University of Worcester. I want to show you what I get up to on a typical day!

Morning Coffee & Breakfast

Every one of my mornings, and I genuinely mean every single one, starts with a nice cup of coffee brewed with my lovely French press! I usually have it with one of my housemates, a fellow Finnish student, and I definitely count our coffee time as an every-day therapy session. I highly recommend!

This morning we chatted about Uni work, life troubles, exams, Finland, and life in general, and it really kick-started the day in a nice way!

Coffee was followed by breakfast as usual, the most important meal of the day, and my basic brekkie includes either eggs on toast, oats with chia seeds, berries and raisins, or a lovely bagel. This morning I had a bagel and let me tell you, cinnamon bagel with raisins topped with banana is a way to go!

Lectures and Revision

Since exams are near, I try to dedicate at least few hours of my every day to revision. This semester I have exams for Systems Physiology, Immunology, Molecular & Cellular Biology and Microbiology, so there is loads to be revised!

This morning I had a lecture from immunology where we went through some immune hypersensitivity reactions. The lecture was followed by my own brief revision session and I went through few Molecular and Cellular Biology slide sets from beginning of semester 2. I read through the slides, made some notes, and learned some new terminology.

Lunch at St John’s

Since the weather lovely, me and my housemate decided to get out of the house after our lecture and head over to St John’s Campus to have some lunch. Because of Covid, the lunch cafeteria is rarely open, but luckily there is a new food truck on the Union Square. Elgar café was also open, but the food truck had some chicken and halloumi wraps with salad and sauce that we could not resist. I decided to go with the chicken wrap whereas my friend chose the halloumi one and let me tell you, it was so delicious!

That’s a wrap!

We had not been on St John’s Campus in a while due to restricted in-person lectures and lab-practicals, so after we had eaten, we decided to have a little stroll around the campus. I lived in Berrow Hall on campus during my first year but had to leave early because of Covid, so it was nice to have a look around some familiar places. The trees were blossoming like crazy which is something we do not see much in Finland!

Walk by the River & Dessert Doughnuts!

We decided to continue our stroll by the riverside and walked along the bank to the Diglis Bridge and back in to the city. It is a good walking route to get some steps in and see more of Worcester, especially if it is a nice day. Around the Cathedral, we stopped for a sit down and had a delicious idea to get some doughnuts for dessert! The best ones in town are definitely from The Guilt Trip Coffee and that is where we headed. From Guilt Trip, we got a chocolate doughnut, basic raspberry jam ones and my favourite… Blueberry cheesecake doughnut!

You can find Guilt Trip Coffee and Doughnuts and our On-Campus Food on Instagram: @guilttripcoffee and @worcester_uni_food

Have a great day!

Lotta xxxx