Decorating your student accommodation for Christmas

As Christmas is drawing near, you may want to decorate your student accommodation to feel more festive. Though, buying decorations can be expensive, particularly if you are only going to use it for a month or so. Therefore, this blog will give some budget friendly ideas on how you can decorate your room or student house for the upcoming holiday.

Upcycle Jars

A close-up of a jar containing chocolate biscuits. The jar is decorated with sparkling gold and silver ribbon.

You can repurpose empty jars lying around your room or house. Just decorate them using glitter, colourful shredded paper, sand, rocks and put some cheap led lights inside them. You can place these everywhere and it would look great, particularly during the evenings as the lights in the jar glow.

Alternatively, you can put cookies inside the jar and just decorate it. Not only would it look decorative, but it can also serve a purpose as cookie storage.

Alternative Christmas Trees

A white brick wall decorated with golden fairy lights, strung up in the shape of a Christmas tree. At the base is a chair and a small pile of presents.

Christmas trees can be very expensive and sometimes you do not have enough room for one. Fear not, there are alternative ways of getting a ‘tree’. You could opt for a smaller plastic tree. They sell those very cheaply at retail stores, for as little as £6 and some already come decorated with baubles. If this is not your style, you could go for an alternative tree by getting creative with LED lights.

Get a reasonably long string of LED lights of your choosing. Then secure it to a wall using tape or blu tack and shape it like a Christmas tree. Not only does it look festive but also takes up nearly no room at all. For the full tree effect, add some gifts at the bottom.

Decorate with nature

A view over a table and a pair of hands securing a golden ribbon to a wreath made of pine branches. There are pinecones, holly berries, and a string of fairy lights on the surface of the table.

Make use of the season by collecting mistletoe, sprigs of holly, clippings of pine branches, and pinecones to decorate for Christmas. You can use these to create your own garlands and wreaths or gather in small bundles to add a festive touch to your room. Pinecones can be painted and used as alternative baubles for Christmas trees or collected in a large jar or vase with lights. With so many natural elements involved in traditional Christmas decorations, the possibilities are endless.

Christmas Stockings

A row of embroidered Christmas stockings, hanging over a fireplace.

When you think of Christmas decorations, you see a variety of things. One well known decoration is the Christmas stocking. If you have Christmas patterned or colourful socks, you can use these and hang them as a garland for a fireplace or a table. If you do not have any, you can create stocking decorations from old clothes by cutting them into simple sock shapes and sewing them together. If you are good at crochet or knitting, then you can make homemade Christmas socks and other Christmas themed decorations.

The Power of Paper

Paper snowflakes laid out on a table surface, besides a pair of scissors and paper cuttings. There is also a string of green tinsel, fairy lights, and pinecones on the table.

Paper is a very versatile and inexpensive material and can be cut and shaped into almost anything you want. That means they can be used as decorative pieces. A simple craft would be to fold and cut sheets of white printer paper to create your own snowflakes decorations, which could be strung up as part of a garland.  

Origami is the art of paper folding; one can turn paper into butterflies and cranes and so on. Making Christmas themed origami pieces would be a great idea to decorate your house on a budget. For instance, you can make paper baubles, origami reindeers and more. It is a good skill to gain and learning to craft these will make the outcome feel greater.