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How I decided to go to university

Applying for university is a huge step in your life. It is a step that shapes your future path. Now I look back and smile about being in ‘applying for university situation’ 3 years ago, but back then, I was anxious because I had no idea what and where I wanted to study, and what to become after finishing my degree.

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5 tips for finishing assignments just before Christmas

Christmas break is here finally and I’m…well, not here. I’m back home to lovely Romania, spending my first week between doctors’ appointments (mom’s order) and catching up with family and friends. But don’t go thinking that’s everything I’ll be doing…not even close.

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Worcester…Challenge accepted !

Even if it is exciting, change is not always easy to cope with. That is why the first weeks at university can be terrifying, especially if you are an international student who just arrived in a new country. During my transition from Romania to the UK, I encountered 5 challenges of studying abroad.