What can you discover at Discovery Days?

In my job as a student ambassador, there are many different events I help out with, one that I have done quite a lot recently is Discovery Days. Discovery Days are days that schools and colleges visit the university to get a taste of what uni life is like. They are so important for prospective students to get an understanding about what uni life really entails.

Discovery Days involve many different things and are sometime tailored to the specific interests of the students that are taking part in it, for example having subject specific lectures etc. Other things that are involved in Discovery Days include help with Personal Statement writing, finance help, student life talks, campus tours etc.

These days are so vital for prospective students because when you attend sixth form or college you get your tutors talking to you about what uni is like, but you don’t get a true feel for a place until you visit it and get involved in activities provided.

Similarly to Discovery Days, last week we ran for the very first time the Inspire 2014 day, which was a hybrid between Open Day and Discovery Day. Over 300 year 11 and 12 students from across the region visited our campuses to get inspired and think how they can benefit from the University to help themselves achieve their dreams.

The day had lots of planned activities, as students went to many taster activities related to sports (we had a batak wall challenge, which was pretty cool), wheelchair basketball session, psychology eye-tracking activities and workshops, biology session, where students examined human blood cells. We were also looking at ways to map the zombie horde and know more about Geography, how zombies were presented in films and television, art sessions and many, many more options!

So, if you’re a prospective student and you have the opportunity to attend a discovery day or an open day then GO! Get as much experience of uni life as you can, therefore you can make an informed decision with all the relevant information about whether uni life is for you!